A Career in Bookkeeping

15 May 2024

Should I become bookkeeper? Is there still work with the development of cloud based accounting systems? Can I develop and grow my career?  The answer is YES!

Book-keeping is a trade, a learned skill that has been around for years. Double entry accounting started in the 14th century, is used across all sectors of finance today. Once the double entry method is fully understood, a bookkeeper can process any data, solve any issues, and understand any set of accounts. It is like being fluent in another language.

The rapid surgent of cloud-based accounting systems have allowed book-keepers to work remotely resulting in the job becoming more flexible.

The role of a bookkeeper can range from simple data entry to producing management accounts and providing detailed profit breakdowns.

Businesses will always need bookkeepers to process the day to day finances transactions of their company.

Personally, it is a job I love, my skill set has developed over the years allowing me to work with some fantastic companies, and support their growth, plus given me the flexibility to raise a family.


We are always looking for dynamic bookkeepers to join our team. Please send us your CV info@balancingactcambridge.co.uk